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I’m SRAJD Roster Member #1630 (SRAJD is the Global Organization for SELF REPRESENTING ARTISTS & JEWELRY DESIGNERS).


I started painting and drawing in infancy, dabbling in every medium I could get my hands on.

Not long ago I ventured beyond the realm of painting to make jewelry for myself. A casual hobby soon morphed into a serious study. Making jewelry is now just as exciting to me as painting always has been. Jewelry has the advantage over painting if only because it is intrinsically wearable.

I approach jewelry-making in the same way as other media. My creative process is very organic- a kind of ‘stream-of-consciousness’ evolution. I use anything that inspires me (like buttons,bones, beads, bike-parts, shells, screws, nails, dissected vintage costume jewelry, and so forth) and use wire to ‘tie’ the composition together. The wire lets me manipulate it to a point, but it still has a mind of it’s own. We’ve learned to compromise.

Seeing my finished product is always a surprise to me on some level. Though expecting nothing specific, I’m still astonished (and usually pleased) at getting the unexpected. One of the best things about a free-association process is the fun of analyzing the ‘meaning’ of the composition in retrospect. Hindsight is 20/20, or, if not, it at least makes a juicily-outlandish reading seem almost plausible…

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